Aspose.Words 11.6.0

Aspose.Words for .NET class library supports DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, OpenDocument, PDF, XPS, EPUB and other formats. With Aspose.Words you can generate, modify, convert, render and print documents without utilizing Microsoft Word®

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Install-Package Aspose.Words -Version 11.6.0
dotnet add package Aspose.Words --version 11.6.0
<PackageReference Include="Aspose.Words" Version="11.6.0" />
For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package.
paket add Aspose.Words --version 11.6.0
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Release Notes

There are 120 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. Most notable are:

• Revision public API ready;
• Support for Hidden table rows;
• Improved handling of Alternate content;
• Different default style templates for 2003/2007 documents;
• Significant improvement of table width handling;
• Numerous improvements in TOC update. TOC now looks identical to MS Word in almost all test cases;
• Child fields (including SET) located in the false argument of the IF field are not updated anymore (like MS Word does);
• Nearly 30 improvements and bug fixes across AW model and flow formats.

This release introduces the features, enhancements, excptions and bug fixes as detailed below:

• New features

WORDSJAVA-19 WORDSJAVA-499 Support signing produced PDF documents
WORDSJAVA-499 Support digital signatures of documents on java.
WORDSJAVA-538 WORDSJAVA-499 Support encription of produced Pdf documents
WORDSJAVA-589 Do Font Fallback in Java as .Net does automatically
WORDSJAVA-590 Make Aspose.Words for Java interruptable using Thread.interrupt()
WORDSNET-729 Allow rejecting revisions
WORDSNET-1636 Add feature to get the total count of the revisions for document and the author for each revision.
WORDSNET-2523 Hidden table becomes visible when open/save the document in WML or DOCX format.
WORDSNET-3300 Warn user during load and save operations when document contains unsupported features.
WORDSNET-3330 Consider exposing formating revisions.
WORDSNET-4184 Consider making Aspose.Words Interruptible
WORDSNET-5395 Tables overlap each other after rendering.
WORDSNET-5869 Document Body is lost on open/save
WORDSNET-6049 Implement Load and Save warnings for RTF format
WORDSNET-6190 Support comment localization
WORDSNET-6199 Support HideMark for DOC.
WORDSNET-6515 /rtl/ Add support of rotated text in RTL table
WORDSNET-6659 GroupShape is moved in previous Page in PDF

• Enhancements

WORDSJAVA-453 refine parsing indexed bitmaps with alpha
WORDSJAVA-504 WORDSJAVA-499 all digital signature tests should pass
WORDSJAVA-537 red and blue swapped in some pecular pictures with palette
WORDSJAVA-546 WORDSJAVA-499 Document.getDigitalSignatures needs to be cast before iteration
WORDSJAVA-556 Rendering metafiles to bitmap needs in improved scaling to shape size.
WORDSJAVA-565 StackOverflowError while loading html with very big CSS style sheet
WORDSJAVA-574 Typed collection CustomXmlSchemaCollection needs in explicit casting for iteration
WORDSJAVA-576 WORDSJAVA-499 Conform the crypto library license
WORDSNET-185 Support System.Drawing.Color.Transparent
WORDSNET-3020 Extra tabs are added after open/save document using AW.
WORDSNET-5587 Table inside cell Content wrapping/fitting problem
WORDSNET-5701 Table position is changed in exported PDF file
WORDSNET-5732 Image overlaps when converting DOCX to PDF
WORDSNET-5943 Table position is changed after appending one document to another
WORDSNET-5976 While converting dotx to doc, the actual style is not applied.
WORDSNET-6414 Table widths are calculated incorrectly in Fixed Page Formats
WORDSNET-6420 Doc to Pdf conversion issue with text alignment in table's cell
WORDSNET-6541 Aspose.Word do not preserve table's row options on re-save the document
WORDSNET-6544 "Indent from left" of Table changes when saving to any format
WORDSNET-6548 OLE refactoring.
WORDSNET-6559 Doc to Pdf conversion issue with layout and page break
WORDSNET-6567 Incorrect line Y for line starting a page
WORDSNET-6579 Update the documentation for loading TXT format
WORDSNET-6666 Automatically copy DLL to UEX for online docs

• Regressions

WORDSJAVA-450 Document is rendered out of page bounds during printing
WORDSJAVA-563 Indexed gray color model: image became bit more transparent after adding support of CLAMP WrapMode
WORDSJAVA-578 Sync PalBitmap

• Exceptions

WORDSJAVA-575 Uncaught exception in headless environment
WORDSJAVA-584 FileCorruptedException occurs upon loading DOC generated by Office for MAC
WORDSNET-5298 /fieldvalidator + field with delete revision in footer/ InvalidOperationException occurs during rendering.
WORDSNET-6305 SetLicense throws error on IIS 7.5 when specifying decorated embedded resource name
WORDSNET-6392 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs upon loading RTF
WORDSNET-6456 ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during simple mail merge
WORDSNET-6465 /rtl/ Exception when 2 Arabic letters represented by one glyph are contained in different runs
WORDSNET-6503 OutOfMemoryException occurs when calling doc.UpdateFields
WORDSNET-6507 Loading DOCX is throwing Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException
WORDSNET-6552 NullReferenceException occurs during open/save DOCX
WORDSNET-6571 IndexOutOfRangeException occurs during converting to HTML/EPUB
WORDSNET-6572 ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during converting to HTML/EPUB/PDF
WORDSNET-6573 occurs during rendering Shape
WORDSNET-6574 /rtl/ ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during rendering Shape
WORDSNET-6645 IndexOutOfRangeException occurs during rendering DOC to PDF

• Bugs

WORDSJAVA-439 Landscape pages are printed portrait using AsposeWordsPrintDocument
WORDSJAVA-568 Spare unrecognized char in RTL text
WORDSJAVA-570 Table renders out of the Page bounds during Printing
WORDSJAVA-581 Opacity doesn't work with palette
WORDSJAVA-582 Half of image with indexed colormap disapiar
WORDSJAVA-587 Document with 1-pixel indexed image when converted to pdf cause warning in Acrobat
WORDSJAVA-593 DrawingML is not rendering correctly in PDF
WORDSNET-2881 SaveDate Document property is updated improperly upon rendering.
WORDSNET-3826 Heading style is changed after processing DOCX document.
WORDSNET-3838 Shape fill is wrong (DOC to PDF)
WORDSNET-4031 Spaces being replaced with Á for lte50261.ttf font
WORDSNET-4036 MS Word 2003 crashes upon opening DOC file produced by Aspose.Words.
WORDSNET-4142 /table grid/ Table layout is incorrect after rendering.
WORDSNET-4608 UriFormatException is thrown upon updating fields.
WORDSNET-4779 Roman page numbers shows as Arabic in TOC
WORDSNET-4907 FileCorruptedException occurs during loading RTF document.
WORDSNET-4998 Line color is changed during rendering.
WORDSNET-5204 TOC is incorrectly updated by Aspose.Words
WORDSNET-5208 An unrecognizable character is shown after rendering text with "Scottish Government Logo" font.
WORDSNET-5309 Back slash is changed to ¥ after rendering.
WORDSNET-5361 ShapeType BlockArc converted to NonPrimitive after open/save DOCX
WORDSNET-5499 TOC looks incorrect after update fields.
WORDSNET-5526 Numbers are flipped after converting RTL documents to HTML
WORDSNET-5563 SET field inside IF field is not updated properly.
WORDSNET-5598 Inset and Outset LineStyle look the same.
WORDSNET-5671 a+b formula is calculated incorrectly in case b is negative
WORDSNET-5777 Throw Exception when load the document which contains digital signature
WORDSNET-5787 EMF image squashed vertically when render in Pdf format
WORDSNET-5915 While loading odt file, the document corrupted exception occur.
WORDSNET-5978 Mail merge issue with IF statement containing SET
WORDSNET-6016 Exception while useing mail merge : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
WORDSNET-6046 UpdateFields is not updating the TOC correctly
WORDSNET-6115 List Tab position is calculated incorrectly upon conversion
WORDSNET-6248 DocVariables are getting lost during loading DOCM file
WORDSNET-6297 GroupShape is not rendering correctly in PDF
WORDSNET-6328 WORDSNET-6297 Shape borders should not be rendered
WORDSNET-6362 Table cell width increases upon conversion/rendering
WORDSNET-6363 Table cell widths are significantly reduced upon conversion/rendering
WORDSNET-6372 /unicode normalization/ Doc to Pdf conversion issue with Vietnamese diacritics
WORDSNET-6387 Docx to PDF conversion issue with embedded equations
WORDSNET-6408 HTM to Doc conversion issue with image
WORDSNET-6421 StructuredDocumentTag.Clone is not truly duplicating the SDT.
WORDSNET-6454 Font language settings are lost when converting RTF to DOC
WORDSNET-6458 Getting Started and Programmer's Guide sections are missing in the offline CHM documentation
WORDSNET-6492 Improve accuracy of luminance effect algorithm
WORDSNET-6510 Information lost while loading RTF file
WORDSNET-6534 Doc to Pdf conversion issue text is misplaced
WORDSNET-6545 All Ask/Ref fields in document are being updated with last updated value
WORDSNET-6547 Doc to Pdf conversion issue with hyperlink to shared foder (\\naomi\public)
WORDSNET-6554 Dotted Tab Leaders in TOC are lost upon calling UpdateFields
WORDSNET-6555 Incorrect missing glyph font metrics leads to an extra page
WORDSNET-6563 Rendering mail merge fields in header/footer shows code instead of value.
WORDSNET-6569 After appending document the included Excel OLE does not open correctly
WORDSNET-6590 Doc to PDF conversion issue with table border alignment
WORDSNET-6599 Metafile image is rendered incorrectly when saving to PDF/XPS
WORDSNET-6613 All the content of linked document is not rendering to PDF
WORDSNET-6638 Exception throws while converting doc to pdf file
WORDSNET-6646 /table grid/ Table renders out of the right page bounds during rendering to PDF
WORDSNET-6662 Exception on loading ODT file


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