Aspose.Words 14.11.0

Aspose.Words for .NET is a class library for .NET that enables you to perform a wide range of document processing tasks directly within your .NET applications.

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Install-Package Aspose.Words -Version 14.11.0
dotnet add package Aspose.Words --version 14.11.0
<PackageReference Include="Aspose.Words" Version="14.11.0" />
For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package.
paket add Aspose.Words --version 14.11.0
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Release Notes

Aspose.Words for .NET 14.11 Release Notes

Major Features

There are 96 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

* Improved clipping of text frames and computation of text wrapping bounds
* Public API for controlling colors of Move revisions for rendering to fixed formats
* DrawingML textboxes supported
* Improvements to exporting of numbered and nested lists to HTML
* Improved rendering of inline Office Math equations objects
* DrawingML image rotation is now preserved while rendering to fixed page formats

All Changes

Key Summary Category
WORDSNET-10024 Styles.AddCopy does not copy ParagraphFormat.SpaceAfter value Bug
WORDSNET-10027 Styles.AddCopy does not copy Font Name/Size Bug
WORDSNET-10219 ListLevel.Font return incorrect values for font name/size Bug
WORDSNET-10244 Font color of shape's text is changed after re-saving the Docx Bug
WORDSNET-10303 Rotation settings of a DML are discarded when converting to DOCX/PDF Bug
WORDSNET-10517 UpdateFields generates error in TOC page number against a Heading1 containing a STYLEREF field Bug
WORDSNET-10575 Revisions timestamps issue with RTF document Bug
WORDSNET-10586 TextBox's Vertical TextDirection is not preserved when print or converted to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-10596 OfficeMath node gets corrupted after resaving Docx Bug
WORDSNET-10625 Text of paragraphs is changed after conversion from Doc to RTF Bug
WORDSNET-10734 Rotation value of a DrawingML text box is not preserved during open/save a DOCX Bug
WORDSNET-10830 Line spacing rule value changes from 'Exactly' to 'At Least' during open/save and appending documents Bug
WORDSNET-10884 GroupShape issue with textboxes on re-saving Docx Bug
WORDSNET-10885 Shape's content lose text formatting on Docx re-save Bug
WORDSNET-10899 Document.UpdateFields does not update the formula field Bug
WORDSNET-10908 DocumentBuilder.InsertHtml does not stop Bug
WORDSNET-10917 Bullet number are missing after conversion from Doc to PDF/HTML Bug
WORDSNET-10918 Aspose.Words hangs while loading MHTML file Bug
WORDSNET-10925 Weird shadow appears behind picture in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-10945 Sub and Sup html insertion results in the wrong font size Bug
WORDSNET-10954 Problem with rendering of table cell bottom alignment Bug
WORDSNET-10955 Document.JoinRunsWithSameFormatting loses formatting Bug
WORDSNET-10959 Page content overlaps Header area/content in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-10960 Docx to Pdf conversion issue with Equation position Bug
WORDSNET-10971 Conversion throws exception 'Index was outside the bounds of the array.' Bug
WORDSNET-10981 Font of document is changed after re-saving docx Bug
WORDSNET-10995 Table's merge cell issue while converting Docx to Docx/Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-10997 MailMerge.Execute throws System.InvalidCastException Bug
WORDSNET-11013 Aspose.Words 14.8: the new precise positioning slows down the conversion to HTML Bug
WORDSNET-11024 Bookmarks are not preserved during open/save a DOCX Bug
WORDSNET-11033 Document constructor hangs while loading RTF document Bug
WORDSNET-11034 Run.Font.Color return incorrect value Bug
WORDSNET-11050 Table's border formatting is lost after re-saving Doc file Bug
WORDSNET-11058 Word to pdf conversion issue with nested table Bug
WORDSNET-11068 Run.Font.Name return incorrect value Bug
WORDSNET-11073 Document.BuiltInDocumentProperties.Words returns incorrect value for Asian and math text. Bug
WORDSNET-11081 Wrong font size of child HTML elements Bug
WORDSNET-8284 SpaceAfter value specified in Style is not applied to imported nodes Bug
WORDSNET-8941 Tables inside text box overlap each other Bug
WORDSNET-9493 Text alignment of a TextBox Shape is not preserved on conversion to Pdf and docx Bug
WORDSNET-9574 Shape is rotated after conversion from Docx to Doc/Docx/Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-9632 The shape's text is rotated after re-saving the Docx Bug
WORDSNET-9952 The position of autotext field (ORACLE) is changed in output Pdf file Bug
WORDSNET-9984 Section field does not update after conversion from FlatOpc to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-9985 Values of TIME fields varry across pages in big documents Bug
WORDSNET-10414 Multiline value of custom document property does not work Enhancement
WORDSNET-10430 MS Word 2010 displays ∉ symbol as square box in Aspose.Words generated output Enhancement
WORDSNET-10566 Text wrapped differently around a floating table in doc output Enhancement
WORDSNET-10567 Text wrapped differently around a floating table after doc roundtrip Enhancement
WORDSNET-10568 Test wrapped differently around a floating table after docx roundtrip Enhancement
WORDSNET-10676 Use latest Product Icon and graphics in Aspose.Words for .NET MSI Enhancement
WORDSNET-11028 Debug.Assert in SpanInserter Enhancement
WORDSNET-11062 Save options are not properly synchronized into the layout options Enhancement
WORDSNET-8252 [DML] Image rotation is getting lost during rendering to fixed page formats Enhancement
WORDSNET-9042 GetShapeRenderer().Save method does not work with rotated text within shapes Enhancement
WORDSNET-10604 InvalidOperationException occurs when merge field value contains a double quote Exception
WORDSNET-10916 Document.PageCount throws System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException Exception
WORDSNET-10936 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading a DOCX file Exception
WORDSNET-10937 System.NullReferenceException occurs when calling MailMerge.Execute Exception
WORDSNET-10951 Document.PageCount throws System.OutOfMemoryException Exception
WORDSNET-10957 /printer metrics/ System.SystemException is thrown while converting Docx to Pdf. Exception
WORDSNET-10979 System.ArgumentException is thrown while saving document Png Exception
WORDSNET-11026 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during exporting to MHTML Exception
WORDSNET-11046 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thronw while loading Doc file Exception
WORDSNET-11054 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading a DOC file Exception
WORDSNET-11084 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading a RTF file Exception
WORDSNET-8169 ArgumentException while converting DOCX to fixed formats Exception
WORDSNET-10087 Docx to Pdf conversion issue with OutlineOptions.HeadingsOutlineLevels Feature
WORDSNET-10836 Word to PDF, track changes rendered incorrectly (RevisionType.Moving) Feature
WORDSNET-10872 Provide Style.Aliases property Feature
WORDSNET-8464 Provide a property to get/set Style alias Feature
WORDSNET-10296 Shape Wrap Text property is not preserved during open save RTF Regression
WORDSNET-10934 Document does not inserted after using MailMerge.Execute method Regression
WORDSNET-11031 Merge field is not be merged in nested if field in footer or header Regression
WORDSNET-11042 Bookmark.Text removes bookmark inside Shape node Regression
WORDSNET-8124 Text Frame overlap the other contents of document after converting Doc to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-8043 [DML] Shapes with blur shadows are rendered incorrectly Bug
WORDSNET-7662 Support counter, counter-reset and counter-increment css properties Feature
WORDSNET-7622 The text within a rotated text box isn't rotated when converted to PDF (Word 2010) Feature
WORDSNET-7482 Document.Styles return Alias Style as separate style Feature
WORDSNET-7481 Support of Style Aliases Feature
WORDSNET-6814 /compatibility 2007vs2010/ Consider rendering Text direction according to MS WORD 2010 specifications Enhancement
WORDSNET-6489 Doc to PDF conversion issue with text rendering Enhancement
WORDSNET-5609 Paragraph underline is lost upon rendering. Bug
WORDSNET-5031 Part of content is moved to the next pages upon rendering. Bug
WORDSNET-4825 Shapes with "Optimal page wrap" overlaps text after converting ODT to other formats Enhancement
WORDSNET-4557 Visual formatting of a frame is displaced after mailmerge.  
WORDSNET-4289 Bottom borders of the table disappear during rendering. Enhancement
WORDSNET-4200 Content is moved from the last page to previous after rendering. Enhancement
WORDSNET-4157 Bottom borders of the table disappear during rendering. Enhancement
WORDSNET-3309 HasRevisions property returns False for ODT document which has revisions. Feature
WORDSNET-2909 After convertion xls to odt by Excel2Word font colors is changed. Bug
WORDSNET-2908 Table is converted incorrectly to from xls to odt by means of Excel2Word Bug
WORDSNET-2571 /"Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style" option for text inside cells:4/ Spacing between paragraphs is larger than desired. Feature
WORDSNET-2149 Highlighted and justified string has white holes between words. Rendering/Converting to PDF. Enhancement
WORDSNET-2062 Import of a picture wrap is incorrect when it is shown in MSO Bug


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14.4.0 3,486 5/4/2014
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13.11.0 16,917 12/10/2013
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13.7.0 9,519 8/4/2013
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13.2.0 1,923 3/4/2013
13.1.0 5,364 2/3/2013
11.11.0 9,851 12/31/2012
11.10.0 2,955 12/4/2012
11.9.0 7,438 11/3/2012
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11.2.0 1,045 4/10/2012
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