Aspose.Words 16.1.0

Aspose.Words for .NET is a class library for .NET that enables you to perform a wide range of document processing tasks directly within your .NET applications.

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Install-Package Aspose.Words -Version 16.1.0
dotnet add package Aspose.Words --version 16.1.0
<PackageReference Include="Aspose.Words" Version="16.1.0" />
For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package.
paket add Aspose.Words --version 16.1.0
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Release Notes

Aspose.Words for .NET 16.1 Release Notes

Major Features

There are 133 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

* Implemented auto-fit table grid calculation for several classes of tables
* EMF+ images now can be rendered without the GDI+
* Comments rendering improved
* Word 6.0 binary DOC files are supported now
* Added public methods for inserting signature lines
* Added ability to configure document hyphenation options
* Added capability to get mail merge regions hierarchy
* Added more public classes and methods to work with fields in a document
* Font sources can now be specified for each document instance
* Implemented line counting (Document.BuiltInDocumentProperties.Lines)

All Changes

Key Summary Category
WORDSNET-10588 Text is overlapped after conversion from Docx to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-11410 Inserting one document into another causes indent issue Bug
WORDSNET-11532 ODT to Pdf conversion issue with frame layout Bug
WORDSNET-11953 BuiltInDocumentProperties.Lines returns incorrect number of lines Bug
WORDSNET-12017 /noExtraLineSpacing + suppressBottomSpacing/ Word Compatibility Options lost when creating PDF Bug
WORDSNET-12235 Content cutting from left edge, Table disappears from top and unwanted rows appear in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-12291 /noExtraLineSpacing + suppressBottomSpacing/ Docx to Pdf conversion issue with text position Bug
WORDSNET-12415 RTF to Html conversion issue with Shape's text Bug
WORDSNET-12493 /FloaterList.GetIndexAtOrAfterComparer.IsThisOrder/ System.InvalidOperationException during saving to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-12546 HeaderFooter contents are not exported to Html Bug
WORDSNET-12602 MailMerge.CleanupOptions change TOC into Hyperlink fields Bug
WORDSNET-12615 Aspose.Words loads text with two fonts into one Run Bug
WORDSNET-12632 TestDefect3873 contrast sidebar is rendered incorrectly. Bug
WORDSNET-12633 TestDefect3873 shadow size is incorrect Bug
WORDSNET-12657 Table header row truncates in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-12665 Image Shadow lost during open/save a RTF Bug
WORDSNET-12676 Shape size is different in output RTF and Docx Bug
WORDSNET-12681 Position of shapes are changed in output Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-12737 Newline characters inside URLs prevent HTML import from loading resources Bug
WORDSNET-12749 Content moves to previous page and behind picture in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-12752 Unable to open cloned document in MS Office Bug
WORDSNET-12757 Set ShapeBase.HRef to empty string does not remove hyperlink Bug
WORDSNET-12796 Incorrect series interval values in charts in exported HTML Bug
WORDSNET-12797 Incorrect series interval values and Primary and Secondary vertical Axis Titles are replaced in charts in exported HTML Bug
WORDSNET-12829 Incorrect inline shape width returned by ActualBounds Bug
WORDSNET-12837 Incorrect font on wml to docx conversion Bug
WORDSNET-12838 Incorrect spacing after paragraph on wml to docx conversion Bug
WORDSNET-12851 Rtf to Pdf conversion issue with font rendering Bug
WORDSNET-12885 Table header getting truncated in the output PDF Bug
WORDSNET-12888 Shape (text) rotation is lost after conversion from Docx to Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-12896 Chines text overlaps in same paragraph in output HtmlFixed Bug
WORDSNET-12905 UpdateFields produces TOC that is different to Word Bug
WORDSNET-12906 Docx to Doc/Pdf conversion issue with Vertical axis of chart Bug
WORDSNET-12907 Horizontal axis of chart are changed after saving Docx to Doc/Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-12915 Position of Korean text is changed in output Pdf Bug
WORDSNET-12924 Html to Docx/Pdf conversion issue with text rendering Bug
WORDSNET-12926 System.InvalidOperationException in GetStartPageIndex Bug
WORDSNET-12936 Shape.SizeInPoints changes on GetShapeRenderer() call Bug
WORDSNET-12940 Content is scattered in Aspose.Words generated DOC Bug
WORDSNET-12941 /FloaterList.GetIndexAtOrAfterComparer.IsThisOrder/ Aspose.Words generates a corrupt PDF file Bug
WORDSNET-12953 Text effect is lost after conversion from Docx to HtmlFixed Bug
WORDSNET-12955 Document.WarningCallback returns incorrect output Bug
WORDSNET-12959 Table's row width is increased after removing another row Bug
WORDSNET-12999 /noExtraLineSpacing/ Docx to Pdf conversion issue with text position according to line numbers Bug
WORDSNET-13007 Page numbers are not visible after DOCM to PDF Bug
WORDSNET-3238 Incorrect behaviour for text:start-value attribute of list item Bug
WORDSNET-3447 Font is changed during open/save. Bug
WORDSNET-6439 Comments are rendering incorrectly in PDF Bug
WORDSNET-6703 Doc to ePub conversion, incorrect output Bug
WORDSNET-10909 BuiltInDocumentProperties.Lines return incorrect value Enhancement
WORDSNET-11686 Display warnings for fonts replaced using FontSettings.addFontSubstitutes Enhancement
WORDSNET-12166 A big negative value of 'margin-left' causes image part hiding after exporting from DOCX to HTML. Enhancement
WORDSNET-12557 Improper Restriction of XML External Entity Reference (XXE). Enhancement
WORDSNET-12883 Tables misaligned in rendered PDF Enhancement
WORDSNET-12930 Enhancement in WORDSNET-1432 Enhancement
WORDSNET-5394 Consider providing Aspose.Words.dll built for .NET 4.0 Enhancement
WORDSNET-9240 Table column widths are calculated incorrectly during rendering Enhancement
WORDSNET-11687 /pre-word97/ Support reading for Word6.0/Word95 documents. Exception
WORDSNET-12504 /FloaterList.GetIndexAtOrAfterComparer.IsThisOrder/ System.InvalidOperationException is thrown while saving Doc to image/pdf Exception
WORDSNET-12578 /FloaterList.GetIndexAtOrAfterComparer.IsThisOrder/ Document.PageCount throws System.InvalidOperationException Exception
WORDSNET-12689 Document.Save throws System.NullReferenceException Exception
WORDSNET-12762 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs upon loading a DOCX Exception
WORDSNET-12822 /FloaterList.GetIndexAtOrAfterComparer.IsThisOrder/ Document.PageCount throws System.InvalidOperationException Exception
WORDSNET-12842 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs upon loading a DOCX Exception
WORDSNET-12880 NullReferenceException occurs when saving to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-12881 System.OutOfMemoryException during DOCX to PDF conversion Exception
WORDSNET-12889 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs upon loading a DOC Exception
WORDSNET-12890 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during open/save a DOCX Exception
WORDSNET-12902 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during rendering to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-12910 System.IndexOutOfRangeException occurs during rendering to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-12911 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during rendering to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-12913 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during rendering to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-12914 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during rendering to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-12928 Document.UpdatePageLayout throws System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException Exception
WORDSNET-12931 Document.Save throws System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException while saving Docx to Doc/Pdf Exception
WORDSNET-12957 System.NullReferenceException is thrown while saving Docx to Pdf Exception
WORDSNET-12966 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown while re-saving Docx Exception
WORDSNET-12988 /FloaterList.GetIndexAtOrAfterComparer.IsThisOrder/ Document.GetPageInfo throws System.InvalidOperationException Exception
WORDSNET-12992 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during rendering to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-13000 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during rendering to PDF Exception
WORDSNET-10186 Table column widths are calculated incorrectly during rendering Feature
WORDSNET-10366 Table nested inside SDT is not rendering correctly in fixed page formats Feature
WORDSNET-10534 Reduction of vertical spacing between two Tables results in incorrect Document.PageCount value Feature
WORDSNET-10609 Table width calculation problem in PDF Feature
WORDSNET-10694 Formatting of table is lost after conversion from Docx to Pdf Feature
WORDSNET-10852 Document.PageCount returns wrong value Feature
WORDSNET-10926 When changing the page layout, table in footer is not resizing in PDF Feature
WORDSNET-10978 Add feature to import font properties from based on style when font properties are not defined Feature
WORDSNET-10983 StructuredDocumentTag is missing after conversion from Docx to Pdf Feature
WORDSNET-11007 Table does not render correctly in output Pdf file Feature
WORDSNET-11208 Support signature line (not digital signature) in Word documents Feature
WORDSNET-11349 Different Word and PDF output when table auto fit is set to true Feature
WORDSNET-11368 Add option in HtmlFixedSaveOptions to export FORMCHECKBOX as [input type="checkbox"] Feature
WORDSNET-11375 Add option in HtmlFixedSaveOptions to export FORMDROPDOWN into select, option tags Feature
WORDSNET-11746 /pre-word97/ Support pre-Word97 format Feature
WORDSNET-11801 Provide way to use Aspose' hyphenation functionality when no input document is involved Feature
WORDSNET-11835 Doc to Pdf conversion issue with Cell's text rendering Feature
WORDSNET-12006 Incorrect table width in PDF saved from DOCX Feature
WORDSNET-12045 Provide option to check document for automatic hyphenation Feature
WORDSNET-12058 Text overlaps the Shape while saving docx to pdf Feature
WORDSNET-12115 Implement public fields API v2.0 (add support for building arbitrary fields and field arguments) Feature
WORDSNET-12143 MyriadPro font not rendered correctly in output EMF Feature
WORDSNET-12309 Support merge fields' table hierarchy as XML node Feature
WORDSNET-12321 Allow to specify font sources per document Feature
WORDSNET-12443 Table header does not render correctly in output Pdf Feature
WORDSNET-12738 Add feature to preserve mustache tags if field is not used Feature
WORDSNET-12945 Add to public fields API "RemoveFormField" method Feature
WORDSNET-12960 Cell's width is changed in output Pdf Feature
WORDSNET-12967 Add to public API feature to replace mustache tags with corresponding merge fields Feature
WORDSNET-1570 Import floating objects from HTML Feature
WORDSNET-2338 Allow enabling “Auto Hyphenate” option on a document. Feature
WORDSNET-253 Add capability to replace hyperlinks with other ones Feature
WORDSNET-2726 One table column is missed upon rendering. Feature
WORDSNET-3334 Table width in multicolumn document is incorrect upon rendering Feature
WORDSNET-3881 /pre-word97/ Support loading pre-Word97 format Feature
WORDSNET-427 Allow retrieving merge field names for a particular region. Feature
WORDSNET-4464 Large pictures it table are truncated at right. Feature
WORDSNET-4499 Update Barcode fields Feature
WORDSNET-4694 Table narrows when rendering to pdf. Feature
WORDSNET-5193 Width of table is incorrect, when width is specified in percents. Feature
WORDSNET-6242 Table cells are not wide enough, causing the text to wrap incorrectly. Feature
WORDSNET-6670 Vertical text position in TextBox becomes Horizontal during rendering Feature
WORDSNET-7496 Widths of cells and tables are not correct in PNG Feature
WORDSNET-7739 Table does not resize itself when rendered to fixed formats Feature
WORDSNET-8014 Table width is incorrect in PDF Feature
WORDSNET-8317 Word to PDF issue with table rendering, the table gets squeezed Feature
WORDSNET-9330 Table column widths are calculated incorrectly during rendering Feature
WORDSNET-9344 Text overlap after conversion from Docx to Pdf Feature
WORDSNET-9557 Table column widths are calculated incorrectly during rendering Feature
WORDSNET-5092 Full document traverse for each seq field degrades UpdateFields() performance. Performance
WORDSNET-12830 RTF to Doc/Docx/Pdf conversion issue with content position Regression
WORDSNET-12886 Font size not preserved during open/save a RTF Regression
WORDSNET-12944 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thrown while loading RTF Regression


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