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The Syncfusion chat control for Xamarin.Forms provides a modern conversational chatbot experience. It is a flexible control that shows the conversation between two or more users in a fully customizable layout. Key features Message types: Built-in support for various message types such as text,... More information
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  • last updated 9/3/2021
  • Latest version: 0.17.10
  • Tinode Chatbot
This is a rudimentary chatbot for Tinode using gRPC API. It's written in .Net standard as a demonstration that the API is language-independent.
A fully featured chat bot framework, that can be used to setup your own chatbot with ease. Allows you to define commands for a chatbot that will work with every chat app (be it Discord, slack, ...). Will need an api wrapper per chat app that you intend to use (for example see package... More information
Open source AI Bot platform builder which is written in C# runs on .Net Core and is enterprise oriented. Integrated with multiple bot engines besides BotSharp bot engine. Modulized pipeline design make NLP tasks plugin easily. Abstract platform and NLP task, migrate existed chatbot from a platform... More information
Botfolio is a Software as A Service (SaaS) chatbot platform! Our platform has rich features and supports the most complex chatbot. Get a customizable, secure, and cost-effective framework to build bots people will embrace.