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O template de Enterprise Library Data Access apresenta de forma estruturada para os aplicativos, utilizando o método SOLID, que visa simplificar o desenvolvimento de tarefas que implementam a funcionalidade de acesso a banco de dados. Já com os templates estruturados os aplicativos podem usar... More information
nJupiter.Abstraction.Logging is an abstraction library which makes it easy to change between different logging frameworks in runtime. NOTICE: This is the Apache log4net implementation for nJupiter.Abstraction.Logging NOTICE: This package is for the version of log4net with the old public key token... More information
Add extension method for ExceptionManager to support exception handling in async actions and functions. public static async Task<TResult>ProcessAsync<TResult>(this ExceptionManager exceptionManager, string policyName, Func<Task<TResult>> action, TResult defaultValue) public static async Task... More information
Semantic Logging out-of-process logs service of Enterprise Library modified to use EventSource from "Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing" namespace. Currently following sinks supported: - consoleSink - customSink - flatFileSink - rollingFlatFileSink -... More information