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MSBuilder: Run Task
Runs an executable with optional arguments, and returns the standard output as an output parameter. Usage: <Run Exe="$(Git)" Args="log HEAD" WorkingDir="$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)"> <Output TaskParameter="Output" PropertyName="HeadSha" /> </Run>
Pass multiple arguments that can be complex objects to another program while executing that program from an executable file. After that, main program can communicate with another program that was executed.
Synapse.Core supports integration for building/executing Synapse Plans. This is the unsigned version of the package.
Synapse.Server.Extensibility supports injecting custom ApiControllers into Synapse.Server at runtime. Full release at: https://github.com/SynapseProject/synapse.server.net/releases.
Synapse.Server.HttpClient supports integration for executing Synapse Plans. Full release at: https://github.com/SynapseProject/synapse.controller.net/releases