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XText allows you to easily create a text based layout simply in code, including Paragraphs, inlines, formatting etc. Also gives the ability to conditionally writing out elements
It is based on NETCORE. This is the basic class library of the framework, which mainly provides the basic functional support needed for running. At the same time, it also provides rich tools for web development.
Runs an executable with optional arguments, and returns the standard output as an output parameter. Usage: <Run Exe="$(Git)" Args="log HEAD" WorkingDir="$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)"> <Output TaskParameter="Output" PropertyName="HeadSha" /> </Run>
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  • Latest version: 0.8.0-preview-20220812-154602
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`dotnet-exec` is a command line tool for excuting C# program with custom entry point
Core library used by Regi for running, testing, and managing microservices. See the Regi .NET Core Global Tool for use in development and CI/CD environments.