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Tool for automatic satellite assembly embedding (as resources). Satellite assemblies will automatically be loaded from resource section and no longer need to be manually deployed with the executable. If you use Fody.Costura this may interest you as well (or vica versa). Any project this is added to... More information
ServiceStack.Gap - Tools to help create embedded versions of ServiceStack
MSBuild Tasks to help creating self-contained embedded versions of ServiceStack that can be ILMerged into a single cross-platform .exe accessed by the users perferred browser or hosted inside a Native Desktop App shell containing a Web Browser widget. Once added to a project the install.ps1... More information
Screen9 Video for Episerver
Screen9's Video plugin for Episerver enables publishing of live and on-demand video seamlessly inside Episerver.The plugin requires a Screen9 account to work.The component has been verified with Episerver CMS 11.5.2 and EPiServer.CMS.TinyMce ver. 2.x
Code that is used by Resource.Embedder as well. You can use this to: * Embedd any resources into existing assemblies * Inject module initializer code into assemblies (code is executed when the assembly is first loaded) Requires .Net 4 or above.
AppPak will add and compress any dependant assemblies for the current project to a resources. This will allow for simple single file xcopy deployment
A Chromium-based WPF/WinForms component that can be embedded into your .NET application to display modern web pages built with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Silverlight etc. To be able to use DotNetBrowser, you should obtain a licence by filling a form at https://www.teamdev.com/dotnetbrowser#evaluate