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  • Maths Data Structure
Useful Types: Formula, FormulaBuilder, NodeFactory Represent math formulae as binary trees, using various operations and number types TODOs: Add more operations. Add number types and implement mixing of number types and validity checks.
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  • Maths
Learn Math
Interpolator Smooth Bezier Cubic Hermite TextPlotter NumberBases ToBase FromBase ToHex FromHex ToLetterSequence FromLetterSequence Randomizer GetRandomItem GetInt32 GetDouble GetSingle IsInRectangle GetCenter AbsoluteDistance IsPowerOf2 LogRatio RoundToSignificantDigits RoundWithStep ScaleLinearly... More information
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Véritable couteau suisse du .net, rlcx Power tools contient une énorme quantité d'outils plus utiles les uns que les autres.