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ble.net (API)
The shared API of BLE.net cross-platform Bluetooth Low Energy library (Android, iOS, and UWP). Reference this from your Shared or PCL or .NetStandard project, and reference the relevant platform project (ble.net-android / ble.net-ios / ble.net-uwp) in your application.
Android (API 18+) implementation of BLE.net cross-platform Bluetooth Low Energy library. To get started, add these normal permissions to your app: [assembly: UsesPermission( Manifest.Permission.Bluetooth )] [assembly: UsesPermission( Manifest.Permission.BluetoothAdmin )] Then in your main... More information
iOS implementation of BLE.net cross-platform Bluetooth Low Energy library. To get started, obtain the adapter from main or your AppDelegate, and retain this reference for the lifetime of your app: var ble = BluetoothLowEnergyAdapter.ObtainDefaultAdapter(); Complete readme & sample... More information
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  • last updated 6/5/2012
  • Latest version: 3.5.0
  • Bluetooth OBEX IrDA
32feet.NET is a shared-source project to make personal area networking technologies such as Bluetooth, Infrared (IrDA) and more, easily accessible from .NET code. Supports desktop, mobile or embedded systems. 32feet.NET is free for commercial or non-commercial use. If you use the binaries you can... More information
32feet.NET for Windows Phone
32feet.NET for Windows Phone is a shared-source library to simplify Bluetooth development with Windows Phone 8.
Universal Bluetooth Beacon Library
Provides support for several Bluetooth Beacon specifications. Manages received Bluetooth advertisements, clusters them into individual beacons and parses the advertisement payloads according to specifications including the Eddystone open Bluetooth beacon format from Google, as well as beacons... More information
Network Library
Network library supporting: TCP, UDP, Bluetooth events and objects. Fast and simple, with only 48bit overhead per packet. Send and receive packets with async operations. - .NET 4.5 - .NET Standard 2.0 (No Bluetooth support) Examples at: https://www.indie-dev.at/?page_id=1180 Documentation... More information
32feet.Net - MVVM Services for Bluetooth communication.
Provides the Device, ReceiverBluetoothService and SenderBluetoothService classes for help to use 32feet.Net in WPF applications that implements the MVVM pattern.
Moov SDK
Moov is a Bluetooth LE smart device that enable real-time coaching based on how you move. There is still not an official Windows Phone support by Moov. This SDK porting provide support for 9-axis motion sensing data access ( accelerometer,gyroscope ), main button pressure management and LED light... More information
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  • Latest version: 1.3.1
  • Bluetooth LE BLE
Bluetooth Library for Xamarin.Forms 1.3.1 This is an alpha release. Please help us by providing feedback.